Monthly Archives: September 2013


I can take down a bag of corn chips dipped in tangy tomato delight like nobody’s business. A jar of salsa does not last long in our home.

When homegrown tomatoes are ripe, it’s time to, Salsa!¬†Pineapple,¬†Glacier, Red Siberian, Brandywine, Black Krim, or Cherokee Purple diced = mouth-watering sight.


Chopped garden fresh peppers, cucumbers, carrots, onions and garlic tumble into the mix. A squeeze of lime, handful of cilantro, salt to taste and now we’re dancing- Salsa!


Loving hands cradle the bowl then spin me around the kitchen as we pulse to the beat of the food processor.


And finally we get to dip.


Beet Bounty

Beets are beautiful and delicious. Until recently my husband thought they tasted like dirt. After I grew these beauties, he had a new flavor for beets. This spring I lovingly tucked the seeds for detriot dark red, chioggia and a random beet blend into my raised garden bed. As the tops pushed through the coco coir in my Soil Mender raised bed mix I knew it would be a delightful season for beets. I patiently watched them grow and wondered how big they would be when I pulled them. After harvesting, I wished I had planted more. I kept it simple with this crop and boiled them to experience the pure flavor of the beet. We ate them like slippery apples and relished every bite. I did not have luck with slipping the skins. In theory it sounded simple, but I resorted to peeling them. A fall crop of beets will go in my bed this weekend for my first try at extending the beet eating season!

Zucchini Pizza Boats

My first attempt at zucchini pizza boats! I saw a picture of these a while back and they looked yummy. I thought I can make that. Then my mother-in-law was telling me all about them the other day. And again I thought I need to make those. I discovered some big zucchini in the garden that I needed to do something with. As usual I looked at one recipe and jumped right in to cooking. So now I am saying to myself, next time I’m going to…
Either way these were quick and simple and edible. My boat is filled with spicy chicken sausage and tomatoes, peppers and onions grown in my garden tucked in the filling. The sauce is canned tomatoes a friend gave me and topped with mozzarella cheese. For a gal who is still learning to cook, my zucchini pizza boats were a success and can only be improved in recipes to come! Any tips or feedback from all you zucchini pizza boat bakers out there would be appreciated. And what else do you make pizzas from?