Daily Archives: September 12, 2013

Beet Bounty

Beets are beautiful and delicious. Until recently my husband thought they tasted like dirt. After I grew these beauties, he had a new flavor for beets. This spring I lovingly tucked the seeds for detriot dark red, chioggia and a random beet blend into my raised garden bed. As the tops pushed through the coco coir in my Soil Mender raised bed mix I knew it would be a delightful season for beets. I patiently watched them grow and wondered how big they would be when I pulled them. After harvesting, I wished I had planted more. I kept it simple with this crop and boiled them to experience the pure flavor of the beet. We ate them like slippery apples and relished every bite. I did not have luck with slipping the skins. In theory it sounded simple, but I resorted to peeling them. A fall crop of beets will go in my bed this weekend for my first try at extending the beet eating season!