Daily Archives: December 23, 2013

Pretty in Pink and a Monkey

moorecort pics 003

My feelings about poinsettias swirl from thinking they are so very cliche to appreciating plant breeders working their tails off to provide fresh colors and styles. What’s a lady to do when she adores the simple beauty of the plant, but lived the labor of love growing this crop, often wishing they would just go away like the proverbial monkey on the back? No matter how I feel I always buy one. I am a poinsettia snob so it takes me an eternity to select the one I want. I hold them up, set them on the ground and check them from every angle. Mine must come from a local locale. Lucky for me I work at a top notch nursery. This year pink is the color with fat, slightly drooped bracts. I knew exactly where I wanted to showcase this princess. Towering above my monkey on an over turned pot. Every day I see this beauty and smile at the hilarity of the arrangement. My monkey offering a pot of fragrant pinyon pine to the plant gods and a pretty in pink poinsettia towering above.

moorecort pics 006moorecort pics 005